What we do

The Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, Inc. (FILSCAP) is a non-stock, non-profit association of composers, lyric-writers and music publishers established in 1965 to administer the public performance, mechanical reproduction, and synchronization rights granted by law to creators and owners of original musical works.

How we do it

FILSCAP’s role is that of a unified body of music copyright owners to which application for a permission/license may be made by a person or organization intending to perform, authorize the performance of, mechanically reproduce and/or synchronize copyrighted music in any manner or by any method, for profit or otherwise.

Latest News

FILSCAP Master Camp Year 1

The FILSCAP Master Camp 2019 was just a vision two years ago and it has become one of the successful pilot events of the society.

FILSCAP Songwriting Camp Year 4

Yearly, we conduct a songwriting camp for our members to allow them to develop and enhance their songwriting skills with guidance and assistance from mentors and arrangers.
Last August 21 – 23, we launched our 4th annual Songwriting Camp at Hacienda Isabela, Indang Cavite.

140 Scout Rallos Ext. Brgy. Sacred Heart Quezon City, Philippines