FILSCAP Songwriters’ Night Open Mic is at Cebu!

Visayan music is beautiful and full of emotion. 😍
Thank you to all the Visayan songwriters who shared their music with us.



Ryle Jhon performed “Isasayaw Ka” which was written because he was inspired by JK Labajo’s song “Buwan”.


Jose LG G. Fuentes “Prinsesa” is a sweet and charming song which makes it a perfect “harana” song. His dream is that someday, Cebuano songwriters will have more chances to showcase their songs.

Aia de Leon left the audience in awe as she shares an inspiring message to all the songwriters who joined us tonight and performed her hit songs “Sundo” and “Akap”. 😍😍😍


Stage power! Fullback Band serenaded the crowd with the song “Itatago”. They’re also one of our guaranteed slots winners. 👏



Rodrigo Selim’s “Ginikanan” is a song written for parents who have no time for their kids.

Davey Langit encouraged Cebuano songwriters to write more using their own language.
He performed his Ilokano song “Idjay” which talks about his life story.

Radio guesting at Radyo Pilipino DYRB with Christine Prado & Kim Docoy for “Nainlove Na” and Isabel Iris for “A Prayer In Silence”. These songwriters also performed at the #FILSCAPSongwritersNight💯🙌

Thank you for joining us on our last Songwriters’ Night Open Mic for 2019!

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