Thank you for being part of our last event for 2019!

For several years, it has been our tradition to gather our members to celebrate a night of fun and connect with more people from our society. Last December 9, we held the FILSCAP Fellowship Party at the Crossroad Center and over 469 attendees joined us.

Here are some of the featured photos from them.
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Our Year 4 Songwriting Campers made their mentors more proud as they represented their camp colors and performed the songs they have written during the #FILSCAPSongwritingCamp.

CAMP TULOY | Mentor: Ito Rapadas 💚
Hazel FaithTerence BonPau Ortiz, Tiara Shaye Cinco, Gala Angeni Sanchez,
with the help of their mentor, performed a beautiful medley

 BANDILA | Mentor – Jimmy Antiporda💙
Benedict Sy – “Pag-big sa Inang Bayan”
Max Javelino – “Make Me Stay”

CAMP TIGRE | Mentor – Barbie Almalbis 💛
Julie Samonte – Magandang Umaga Mga Luha

CAMP THIS TIME | Mentor – Top Suzara❤️
CJ Bundang – Bukas Wala ng Ulan
Jeremy Alex Salva – Kahapon Bat Ganun?

CAMP SIGE LANG | Mentor: Quest 💜
Jan Carlo Aningat – Balang Araw
Issa Rodriguez – Sulyap ng Tag-sibol

Of course, our members were not spared from party games. They pretty much had a lot of fun, especially,
during the Finger Maths game.

How fast can you count your opponent’s fingers?
Watch the video to find out. 😂

Christmas is early for some of our lucky members. 🎁👏

Congratulations everyone for winning
and to our youngest member Via Arriola for taking home
the Samsung Curved Smart TV grand prize!

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The most awaited part of the Fellowship Party! 🤩

The Aegis Band gave an outstanding performance as they sang their hit songs Luha, Sinta, Halik, Christmas Bonus, and more. 🔥💯

Here’s a trivia for you! Did you know that the song “Christmas Bonus” was composed by Eva Vivar who is also one of our members? 😁

 As our family keeps on growing, we thank each and every one of you for continuously entrusting us to serve you. We hope that this special night brought you memories to keep and friendships to look forward to.

Magkita-kita ulit tayo sa 2020 at mabuhay ang Musikang Pilipino! 🎉🎉
Watch this special video that we’ve prepared for you!

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