BMAT MP3 Submission


 To all Members: In our continuing efforts to improve our monitoring and distribution system, we recently employed the services of BMAT. The software, known as Vericast, uses “fingerprinting” technology to identify songs played on radio, internet radio, TV and other media based on “reference database” consisting of original sound recordings (OSRs) of the musical compositions whose public performance rights are assigned to FILSCAP. BMAT will help FILSCAP ensure the accuracy in monitoring music performed on television and radio stations initially in Metro Manila.

In line with this, we are requesting your cooperation in submitting all your musical works registered with FILSCAP so we can populate the BMAT Database. The mechanics of the submission are as follows:

  1. All songs must be in MP3 format with 44,100 Hz sample rate
  2. MP3 files can be sent via:
    • data CD/DVD
    • USB flash drives or external drives
  3. The CD/DVDs or USB drives should be properly labelled.
  4. The MP3s must be accompanied by a duly accomplished and signed BMAT Declaration Form.
  5. A softcopy of the Declaration Form should be included in one of the CD/DVD/USB.
  6. Each MP3 file should correspond to one row in the Declaration Form.
  7. There are four mandatory columns for each row in the Declaration Form:
    • mp3 filename – should contain the exact filename of the corresponding mp3 file (case sensitive).
    • track title – title of the song
    • main artist – main artist of the song
    • label – record label
  8. The MP3s and corresponding BMAT Declaration Forms must be contained in a brown envelope duly labelled with your name, address and contact details, and submitted to the FILSCAP Office at # 140 Scout Rallos St., Diliman, Quezon City 1103 beginning on February 1, 2013.
  9. If your entire catalogue consists of more than 100 titles, please submit first those works that are frequently monitored. You can use the royalty attachments given to you along with your performance royalty as reference. The succeeding works in your catalogue can be submitted next.

Failure to submit your works on time will mean not having your songs uploaded into our BMAT monitoring server.  When BMAT begins monitoring, your songs will be tagged as “Unidentified” on the report generated by BMAT.

For further details and/or queries, please feel free to reach us at 415-6277; 927-5986; 929-4658; 415-6284 loc 119. You may also e-mail us at

Note:   If you submit songs that are not in our MIS@Asia Database, we will require you to submit duly signed declaration of works covering the new songs.


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