How are royalties computed?

Royalties are computed based on the total amount collected minus deductions (administrative charges, socio-cultural allocation, applicable taxes) divided by the number of songs multiplied by the number of times it was used and how it was used.

Royalties per member = Total Amount Collected – (Admin. Charge + Socio-cultural allocation + taxes) (number of songs X frequency of use X usage)

I have signed with a publisher, will he collect for me?

No. Depending on your agreed shares on the Notification of Works, FILSCAP allocates separate royalty payments for composer and publisher members.

How are my songs monitored?

Licensees are required to submit playlists and cue sheets but not all of them are able to submit or complete the necessary data. This is why we encourage our members to self-monitor their works, fill out and submit the relevant form back to us so it can be included in our processing.

I have a new publisher, who is supposed to report this to FILSCAP?

It is your duty as a member to inform us of such changes so we can update our records accordingly. You may download and fill out a Notification of Works form (link) or contact the Membership Department.

Fees Assessment

Fees Assessment

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Licensing Overview

What is public performance license?

Any person or corporation causing or authorizing a public performance in the Philippines of any copyrighted music belonging to FILSCAP’s

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