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Can I register my works with FILSCAP even before they are published?

Yes, in fact we encourage it. All present and future works, in so far as public performance rights are concerned, are held and administered by FILSCAP. Be reminded that you still need to update the Society for changes such as if you sign with a music publisher or collaborate with another artist, etc.

Can FILSCAP help me in marketing my works?

No, FILSCAP does not engage in the marketing efforts of any member. Our primary function is to issue licenses to music users and distribute to music creators.

Someone used my song without my consent, have my rights been violated?

If the song was played in its original form or recording, no violation has been committed in so far as public performance rights are concerned. Royalty payments will still be distributed to the original composer. If the song was modified or recorded in any way or was used as an accompaniment to any form of video then this is a reproduction rights concern. Such matters are usually raised with your publisher.

Do I need to renew my membership?

There is no need to renew your membership. Your status remains valid unless you opt to resign. This privilege may not be applicable to members who can no longer be contacted after a certain number of years.

Fees Assessment

Fees Assessment

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What is public performance license?

Any person or corporation causing or authorizing a public performance in the Philippines of any copyrighted music belonging to FILSCAP’s

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